Press Release – The Jewish Guards

Press Release – The Jewish Guards

New book reveals the staggering task of the Jewish Guards in supervising their fellow victims in the Dutch concentration camp during the Holocaust.

An intriguing and engaging read, “The Jewish Guards” by Frank van Riet takes readers into the organization and supervision of Camp Westerbork in the Netherlands.

Nedvision Publishing, a non-fiction publisher in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce the launch of Frank van Riet’s new book: “The Jewish Guards”.

The Jewish Guards of Westerbork - holocaust book

Frank van Riet takes the reader into the organization of the Ordedienst (OD); “The Jewish Guards”. It is an intriguing little known story about the transit camp to the concentration camps in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust, “The Dutch Gateway to Hell”.

The book follows the story of the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands in 1942. Van Riet, who earned a PhD in history, went through the extensive records and facts on the events that took place in the Westerbork camp, which started as a refugee camp for fleeing Jews in the Netherlands, before World War II.

The German occupiers could use the refugee camp as a transit camp  with only minimal modifications. 

In barely two years, more than 100,000 Jews, but also Roma and Sinti, were deported from this camp to mainly Auschwitz and Sobibòr.

Because there was a well-functioning camp organization, the guards did not have to use brute force, as in many other camps. Camp commander Albert Konrad Gemmeker had only ten SS men at his disposal. The OD, consisting of Jews, ensured order and peace in the camp. Because of the constant pressure to be deported themselves, the OD men carried out their assignments within and sometimes outside the camp punctually, which is why camp residents started calling them Jewish SS.

Surveillance outside the gate was carried out by the Gendarmerie, consisting of young police officers who were each employed for only a few months. They were not allowed to have contact with the Jews and were not allowed to enter the camp.  Van Riet paid extensive attention to the OD men and their backgrounds in the book, as they made the system of divide-and-conquer work well. Because of these Jewish guards, the Nazis could keep the well-oiled deportation machine running at full speed.

Anyone who’s interested in understanding these unknown events that took place in the Westerbork camp, will find answers in Frank van Riet’s “The Jewish Guards.” It is packed with verified facts and personal stories about the events that took place there from 1939 to 1945.

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The Jewish Guards
Supervision in the Dutch Gateway to Hell
by Frank van Riet
266 pages
ISBN 9789083086088
Price € 22.95 / US$ 24.95 / £ 21.00

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