Five Years Under Nazi Occupation: A World War II Memoir of Resilience and Survival in the Netherlands


A World War II Memoir of Resilience and Survival in the Netherlands

Five Years Under Nazi Occupation

Elisabeth Breslav Hofboer

Nedvision Publishing
ISBN 9789083309125

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Five Years Under Nazi Occupation is the story of a Dutch girl’s will to survive WWII. She was 12 years old when Hitler’s troops marched into the Netherlands and 17 when the country was finally liberated.

During the time that teenagers normally begin to develop their personal value systems, she spent many nights hiding under the stairs during bombardments, and days going to school that was held in the basement of a mental institution where German scientists performed the most unspeakable experiments on the residents. She suffered the loss of many Jewish classmates, including her best girlfriend, who were deported and died in Hitler’s infamous camps.

She knew all about the constant fear of air raids, of being cold and always hungry. But she was determined to survive.

Elisabeth Hofboer Breslav is one of a fast-dwind ling group of teens who survived the 1940-1945 Nazi occupation of Holland. Born in Amsterdam, she has been an immigrant American for over 50 years and lives in Connecticut.

Hers is a true story for peace with a message for right now.