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This seventh episode deals with the crew of Lancaster ND556, EM-F for Freddie of No.207 Squadron.

The aircraft took off from RAF Spilsby during the night of 03/04 May 1944. Their target was the German tank training area of Mailly-le-Camp, a lethal danger for the troops that were to land in Normandy one month later. The aircraft was shot down by a German night fighter, killing the rear gunner. The skipper Warrant Officer Leslie Lissette RNZAF (who was the uncle of co-author Brian Lissette) remained behind the controls of the burning bomber until all crewmembers had bailed out. Then it was too late for him and Lissette died in the crash, sacrificing his life for his crew.

The crew members were from left to right: Warrant Officer L. H. Lissette RNZAF, Pilot, Killed and buried at Chaintreaux; Sergeant R. Ellis, Rear Gunner, Killed, also buried at Chaintreaux; Sergeant N. J. Stockford, Flight Engineer, who evaded via a different line and escaped to Spain; Sergeant P. N. King, Wireless Operator, who also escaped to Spain; Flight Sergeant J. Pittwood, Navigator, escaped to Spain; Sergeant R. T. Emeny, Mid Upper Gunner, who escaped to Spain with the earlier mentioned four airmen, and Sergeant L. Wesley, Bomb Aimer, who was arrested by the Gestapo, and instead of being a PoW, was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp as a spy.

He was saved by German ace Hannes Trautloft, who arranged for Wesley’s transfer to Stalag Luft 3 Sagan.

All were in the RAF, except for Warrant Officer Lissette, who was in the RNZAF.

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