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World War II books

This site includes a large number of books about the Second World War. This mainly concerns books about military operations, the air war, the Shoah and biographies. For example, Nedvision Publishing has recently published books about Operation Market-Garden, Operation Manna, Comete Pilot Line, a biography of a survivor and Andrew Geddes’ biography.


Business Administration

In addition to a personal interest in the history of the Second World War, the Nedvision Publishing team has a business background. That is why, in addition to our own work, translated titles by internationally renowned authors are being published. Topics include strategy, marketing, ISO 9001 certification, quality management, environmental management and information security.



Target Group and Vision

Nedvision Publishing Assen is a non-fiction publisher that focuses on genres of history and business administration. With our history books, we want to provide those interested in the Second World War or history in general with new or in-depth insights. With our business administration books, we want to provide every professional or student with useful practical guides. This helps the organization move forward and we personally provide people with new insights and tools.



Other services

In addition to publishing your publications, you can also contact Nedvision Publishing for:

  • Archival research
  • Audits
  • Business advice
  • Certification guidance
  • Email marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Management consulting
  • (Online) promotion
  • Technical DTP
  • Translations
  • Search engine optimization (technical SEO)
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